Crystal Growth Technology

Taiwan Applied Crystal developed the Czochralski crystal growing technology through industry-academic cooperation with with National Sun Yat-sen University.。
The crystal growing system includes an intermediate frequency power supply, heating furnace, a pulling machine and an automatic control program.
The system has the following advantages:
1. Adopting radio frequency induction heating, in addition to higher electrothermal conversion efficiency, it can also control the crystal growth temperature in real time.
2. The weight feedback to diameter control technology can control the crystal diameter automatically and accurately.
3. High reproducibility, suitable for mass production of crystal growth.
4. The exclusively developed thermal field design retains a lot of flexibility for adjustment. It can adjust the temperature gradient according to the demand, which is convenient for the development of various single crystal growth.
5. The crystal growth can be observed immediately. In addition to monitoring the crystal growth, it also reduces the difficulty of seeding operations.
6. The unique hot loading technology can replenish new raw materials while heating up the molten material. In addition to prolonging the life of the crucible, it can also increase the yield.