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Cooperative Partners

Since Taiwan Applied Crystal was established, it has been cooperating with domestic academics and legal entities to develop various products and production technologies through industry-academic projects, SBIR of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and CITD of the Industrial Bureau.

  • 1. Design of Crystal Growing System (CGS)

    2. Design of CGS for Laser Crystal Growth

    3. Increasing Yield Rate for Double Doped Scintillator

    4. Tech Transfer of Ce:YAG Crystal Growth

    5. Tech Transfer for Radiation Damage Resistant Enhancement in LYSO Crystal Growth

  • 1. Development of measurement system for optical conversion efficiency of single crystal phosphors and powders

    2. Fluorescent single crystal used in the development of laser white light modules

  • Development of crystal precision processing and grinding equipment

  • A global leader in plastic aspherical lens design and production, is the parent company of Taiwan Applied Crystal. Headquarter is located in Taichung Precision Machinery Technological Park, Taiwan.