Taiwan Applied Crystal was established in March 2012 tailored in design and manufacture Czochralski's Crystal Growing System (CGS) which was applied in scintillation crystals growth for high-end medical imaging, gain medium crystals for solid-state lasers, and fluorescent crystals for laser lighting applications. In 2017, with leverage of experience in CGS development, we started to invest in the growth of oxide single crystal materials and high-density ceramics, and then established the cutting, grinding, and polishing processes to offer one-stop service for customers. At present, the main products supply scintillation crystals for positron emission tomography and detectors in high-energy physic, fluorescent crystal materials for new generation lasers lighting and high-power LEDs, High density sputtering target for filters in the field of RF & communication. The company is committed to building a variety of crystals growth platform to develop and offer emerging material for the market through academic and science research units collaboration.

  • 2012.3 Funded
  • 2014.6 1st gen Cz-CGS development
  • 2018.5 2nd gen Cz-CGS development
  • 2019.1 Single Crystal Growth (Ce:YAG, Ce:LuAG)
  • 2019.5 Development of Heat-Resistant Phosphor
  • 2019.7 Development of Composite Phosphor Material and Filed Patent
  • 2020.5 Taiwan Patent Granted
  • 2020.7 Filed US and China Patent
  • 2020.11 Development of PVT System for SiC
  • 2021.4 Authorized to manufacture and sell double-doped LYSO scintillation crystal from NSYSU
  • 2023.7 Subsidary of Largan Precision Co., Ltd.