Single Crystal and Ceramic Material OEM

Single Crystal and Ceramic Material OEM Crystal & Ceramic Material OEM
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Taiwan Applied Crystal has established a one-stop service from crystal growth to back-end crystal cutting, grinding and polishing. Due to the different physical properties of various crystals, such as hardness, brittleness, thermal conductivity, and expansion coefficient, the post processing approaches are quite different. For cutting, two types of cutting systems have been built which including ID saw and wire saw machines. The grinding and polishing machines have single-sided and double-sided grinders to face the thinning and optical processing of various materials. Through the self-blending of various grinding and polishing fluid, it can meet the needs of different materials. Using this experience and technology, Taiwan Applied Crystal can offer services for the post-process of crystal or ceramic materials that include bulk cutting, wafer grinding and thinning, wafer polishing, etc.