Single Crystal Phosphor

Single Crystal Phosphor Ce:YAG Single Crystal Phosphor
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The principle of white LED & LD is by casting blue ray on the yellow phosphor material Ce:YAG(Y3Al5O12:Ce3+), and then combining the converted yellow and remaining blue light to obtain white light.

As the power of LED & LD increases, more heat is generated. Ce:YAG single crystal has a higher thermal conductivity than glass or ceramic phosphors and can withstand higher temperatures.

Ce:YAG single crystal is grown by the Czochralski method, which can be doped with different Ce concentrations according to customer requirement.


Product Name Ce:YAG Single Crystal Phosphor
Color Yellow
Density 4.56g/cm3
Size Customized
Purity 99.99%, 4N
Ce Dopant 0.02~6 mol.%
Peak Wavelength 530~550nm
Melting Point 1970°C