LYSO LYSO Scintillation Crystal
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What is a scintillator?
A scintillator is a luminescent material that emits light when excited by ionizing radiation. The excited state can sometimes be metastable, resulting in delayed fluorescence or phosphorescence depending on the type of transition and the wavelength of the emitted optical photon.

TAC’s patented double-doped Ce:Ca:LYSO scintillator exhibits superior properties compared to traditional Ce:LYSO, including higher light yield, improved time and energy resolution, and shorter decay time.

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Datasheet: Ca Co-doped with Ce:LYSO
Density 7.3g/cm3
Y-concentration 5~8%
Light Yield 110~115% of market standard (30000 photons/MeV)
Decay Time 36ns
Energy Resolution 8.1%
Surface Roughness Mechanically Polished
Fine Ground

Datasheet: Ca Co-doped with Ce:LYSO